Thursday, July 29, 2010

To the "I am"

You make no mistakes.

You prepared my heart and mind to handle this struggle.

Everything was orchestrated by the work of your hand.

You blessed me with the opportunity to trust and submit to you.

My selfish thoughts were trumped with your sovereign wisdom.

My foolish pride was overtaken by remembering your infinite grace.

In my darkest moment you compelled another to stand for me;

It was an unexpected blessing that I can not describe.

You used me as a vessel and it was painful,

But labor was rewarded with her personal breakthrough.

How blessed I am that you would choose me.

How blessed is she that you would create a symphony on her behalf.

Although I will never fully understand all that has happened,

One thing I most definitely know,

You make no mistakes.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Being Selective

Today’s sermon on discrimination got me thinking about the difference between being discriminative and being selective. At first glance, to me, it felt by being selective in whom I choose to share my heart was really just me being a discriminative jerk. I felt kind of bad. However, I seriously have hopes that my kids will be somewhat discriminate when they choose their friends and in the future when they think about choosing a husband. However, I am always instructing them not to assume things about others because of how they look and to be kind to everyone.

I feel relieved to understand that being discriminating and being selective are two different things. When we discriminate we THINK we know things about someone based on their appearance. I believe these thoughts can be positive and negative. For example, I have a friend that is Italian and just beautiful. She always dresses immaculately with perfect makeup and hair; her look is always flawless. When I look at her I can’t help but wish I could always have it together like her. However, when she was suffering from depression the doctor would not give her medication. Instead, she told her, “What could you be depressed about!? Look at you!” My friend was rightfully upset about being placated because she wore Prada boots, had the latest handbag and a cute haircut. What was happening on the inside was scaring her; she was living in a dark, sad, place. So, because she was not walking around town in her pajamas with unkempt hair she could not be taken seriously. This is not the obvious form of discrimination, but it is discrimination and its equally wrong.

God instructs us to guard our hearts. We are vulnerable and influenceable; its part of the human condition. So, if we choose to be friends with people that are not good for us, then we will put ourselves at risk. What does this have to do with discrimination? Nothing really, and THAT is the realization that I had today! We can share life and love everyone while guarding our hearts. Not discriminating simply means not assuming things about another based on their appearance or what you think you know about them. It means to love the way that Jesus did and to always see them as one of God’s children.

CONCLUSION: Being selective with whom we choose to share our heart is not discrimination. It’s wise.

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