Friday, June 17, 2011

Got Questions

Occasionally speakers and bible study leaders will throw out the question, “If you had one question for God, what would it be?” ONE question? I could never have ONE question for the creator. I have SOOOO many!! So many! Here are a few of my top questions. Also, I have added some answers that I think God MIGHT answer, based on what I know of His personality... these are NOT from God, they are from ME.

How much longer? (Of course this only be a question I would ask while not enjoying the afterlife. In fact, I ask it a lot in prayer. So, God, how much longer do we have to THIS; this whole earthly existence thing gets old.)
God might reply: When my work has been completed.

Why do you call me to pray for people, even wake me from a slumbering sleep to pray for friends and people I’ve never met? Why would you need me to pray when you already know what they need?
God might reply: Your faith in me is renewed every time you are obedient to me. I use you, not because I need to use you, but because I want to use you. Isn’t it better for people to find strength/love/healing through the obedience of prayer rather then me just gifting it? What about when you see that person later full of faith/love/healed? Doesn’t that renew something new in you? Does it matter if you never know the person? Don’t you know that if I call you and ask you to pray, and you do, then my work has been completed in them?

I saw a man the other day with a really hairy back and shoulders and very little on his head. You think this is funny, don’t you?
God might answer: Some men need humbling.

This reminds me of a Sanctus Real song, “These things take time.” Really good song! “Why did you give me eyes, when my faith is how I see?” For lack of a better video:

SOOOO, what are your questions? What would you ask God?

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