Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hitting a Wall, Over and Over

This bird has been doing this for two days. There is another one, at a window in the kitchen that keeps tapping with her beak.

What do you suppose they want?

Chiara suggested I let them in and asks them to make her a frock. (Correction, she wants a BALLgown! For all the fancy Balls she attends.)
I did not pay attention to the song playing in the background, but it's kind of funny - like a love song to the perfect bird he sees reflected in the glass... "darling, you are the only exception..." (Paramore)

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Always the Nice Guys

Years ago, I was working late at the office and I needed a post-it, or a sharpie, or something. Instead of making the walk at 1 AM to the supply room, which was in the next building, I decided to raid the desk of my co-worker. Jon was a decent guy: a Christian, Graphic Artist, really nice, had the cleanest desk in the area and I knew he would not mind if I borrowed an office supply, or if I went through his desk to find one.

Working until 1 o’clock in the morning meant, without a doubt, I had consumed a LOT of caffeine. I had an espresso machine in my area for our team to use during the proposal pushes and tight deadlines. I used it often, as did the team. Over the years I have been able to classify my caffeine use into these mood altering levels:

Good, normal

Energetic, happy

Hyper-aware (AKA paranoid)



At this late hour, after working way-too-many hours, and consuming who-knows-how-much espresso, I was somewhere between Hyper-aware and Neurotic.

I walked over to Jon’s desk and quickly yanked the top drawer open. I stared for a moment and slowly closed the drawer. Motionless, I stood there and tried to absorb all I had just seen. I needed to make sense of it. I was - frightened. Gathering my courage, I opened another drawer. I found that that drawer, too, was better closed. I went back to my desk and turned off my music. I needed a moment.

I had completely forgotten one thing about Jon; he was really into origami. The inside of his desk was an origami creature world. There were probably twenty different origami animals, all different colors, folding experiments that went wrong, and some that looked perfect, all of them staring at me. It gave me chills. The second drawer had even more rabbits, frogs, lions, zebras and butterflies. They seemed to be wondering what I wanted and why I was bothering them. I’m pretty sure I heard the rabbit whisper, “When she sticks her hand in, bring her down!”

I decided to call it a night and drove home in silence.

A few weeks later another co-worker, Nate, needed something and I saw him walking toward Jon’s desk. In a panic I yelled, “DON’T GO IN THERE!! He has NO supplies, only origami animals and a few weeks ago when I was here late I think they wanted to eat me!” Now, since it was around noon, and we had not tapped the espresso machine, this sounded really dumb, but once the words started, I could not stop. Plus, I really like Nate and did not want him to get eaten by origami lions.

Nate gave me a half grin and ran over to Jon’s desk (apparently, I was not convincing enough). I heard him quickly open the drawer. I said, “At your own risk.” There was silence for a moment and then I heard the drawer slowly close. Nate walked back to his desk and sat down. He was pale. I nodded a nod of understanding to myself.

I gave Nate the few moments he needed find composure and whispered, just loud enough not to startle him, “It’s always the nice guys.”